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Connect the Pieces

We are the biggest and most well-stocked Lego® store in the area, a place for kids, hobbyists, and collectors alike to find the newest and most popular sets.

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Connect with Family

Tired of everyone being glued to their screens? With our games, all ages can have fun while enjoying quality time.

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Connect with Friends

We can provide the centerpiece for your next gathering and help you link up with likeminded people in the community.

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Lego® Bricks & Sets

Imagination fuel for kids & adults alike.

Lego® allows people to literally build anything they can imagine, enabling kids to make their own playsets and adults to let their minds wander and relax. We make it easy for people to find what they need thanks to our vast inventory and knowledge about specific pieces and sets.

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Looking for something your child or grandchild will love? Need a new set to work on yourself? You can trust we have what you need.

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Have boxes of unused Legos cluttering up your home? We’ll take them so you can free up space and get something new to build.

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Searching for a particular piece or set? Rather than digging around online, we can help you get your hands on it right here.

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Fantasy Your Way

Who needs an expensive gaming PC or new console? At Bricks & Boards+, we can help you find all the fun and fantasy you want for a fraction of the price.

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