About Bricks and Boards – Dawsonville, GA

Real Fun, Unplugged

Absolutely anyone of any age can step inside our doors and start having fun within minutes. Our vast space has plenty of room for all the hobbies you currently have as well as the ones you don’t know you love yet! We’re the most well-stocked Lego® reseller in the area, and we also have everything you might need if you’re into TCGs, tabletop RPGs, boardgames, action figures, and more. Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for your child, want to recreate the best parts of your own childhood, or simply have fun as an adult, you can trust that we’ll always have you covered.


Build. Sell. Create.

In the past, you used to have to drive over an hour to find a good Lego® store, but now you have your own right here! With us, you can sell your old Lego® sets, buy new ones, and even find the individual bricks you’re missing. We have simple kits for young children, bigger ones for teens and adults, and large bins of pieces for long-time lovers and aficionados who want to let their imaginations guide them. Wherever you want to go with Lego®, we’ll make sure you have what you need to get there.

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