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Need a place to play? Looking for fellow gamers, Lego® enthusiasts, or card traders? Our shop includes a 1,500 sq ft. gaming space where we host events, plus it can serve as a hub for your community or campaign as well. Imagine getting together with your friends or family, enjoying a great game, maybe some pizza, and not having to clean up afterward! In addition to casual get-togethers, we also regularly host tournaments and release parties, so you can test your skills or make sure you don’t miss the latest from your favorite properties.


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We host weekly meetups for various games and have special events that pop up every month, so be sure to check out our calendar to see what you have to look forward to!

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Need a place to host your campaign? Want to throw a birthday party that your child will never forget? Looking for a place where all of your friends and fellow gamers can gather without everyone being crowded around your kitchen table? We’re happy to host and ensure your next game night is both fun and stress-free.

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