Lego Store– Dawsonville, GA

Fun From the Ground Up

Multicolored legos on a tabletop

We are the biggest and most well-stocked Lego® reseller in the area, meaning we’re the perfect place for children to get started with the hobby, and we have everything adults and serious collectors are looking for as well!

Animated bucket with a lego inside

We buy and resell complete sets as well as random pieces—we have bins where customers can literally fill up a cup or bucket with individual bricks. If you want to give your child a basic set or enough pieces so they can start from scratch, our Lego store is the place for you. Searching for a specific set you couldn’t afford when you were a teen or young adult? Are you associated with a school that already has or is interested in starting a Lego® robotics team? Whatever you want, you’ll find it at Bricks and Boards Plus!

Animated character

We offer the following
types of Legos & more:

Vintage astronaut lego Vintage Lego
Pirate lego Pirate
Knight lego Castle
Police officer lego City
Cowboy lego Old West
Woman in a pink skirt lego Friends
Duplo figurine Duplo
Star Wars lego Star Wars
Harry potter lego Harry Potter